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10 holes hydroponic set

KMB Resources Sdn Bhd
RM275.00 Ipoh

  • 10holes hydroponic set is a simple and easy to install hydroponics system which includes
  • - 10plants capacity
  • - Nutrient tank
  • - Nutrient pump
  • - 47mm net pots x 10pcs
  • - 1bag of LECA
  • - 1X Telfon Tape
  • Note: Square Hygrow Pot, PVC Glue and Vegetable Seed are NOT included

[10pcs] Hydroponic Square Hygrow Pot

KMB Resources Sdn Bhd
RM72.50 Ipoh

  • Package included 10 pieces of hygrow pot
  • Height 125mm, Length 165mm x 165mm width
  • Attached with net pot on bottom, bottom net pot size 42mm approx.
  • Thickness 1.5mm approx
  • Color: White
  • Suitable for Hydroponic Rectangular Pipe 4" x 2"

[100pcs] Hydroponic Round Net Pot

KMB Resources Sdn Bhd
RM18.00 Ipoh

  • Hydro Pot/ Net pots are small plant pots
  • 1mm thickness
  • That are perforated all over to allow plant roots to grow through and into the aquaponic, hydroponic and aeroponic environment.
  • Plants are grown in a substrate such as clay pebbles, coco peat or peat moss until roots are showing on the outside or when it has been rooted into cubes in the net pot
  • Net pots are robust and are re-useable as long as a little care is taken when removing the old plant.

3 layer hydroponic set

KMB Resources Sdn Bhd
RM299.00 Ipoh

  • Features:
  • - 3layer complete set, 1meter each layer
  • - Each layer is 5 holes
  • - Holes size 47mm: Fit to 50mm Net Pot (Included) or Hygrow Pot (Excluded)
  • - 1bag of LECA included
  • - 1bag of Nutrien Powder: AB included
  • - 1 Water Pump and Water Tank
  • - To seal the End cap, you have to apply PVC Glue, which is NOT included in this package.

Hydroponic rectangular pipe 1 meter

KMB Resources Sdn Bhd
RM10.00 Ipoh

  • Rectangular pipe 4inch x 2inch
  • material: upvc
  • length: 1meter, 1.5meter, 2meter, 6meter
  • other size please contact us 0125389239