What We Do

eAGRO is the go-to online-to-offline marketplace for agriculture smallholders in Malaysia. Created to help smallholders boost their agriculture production yield with premium quality fertilisers at below-market prices, E-AGRO is driven to improve visibility of information, best practices and the latest industry news for greater awareness and support for the agriculture industry.

How It Works

E-AGRO makes it easy for smallholders to purchase premium quality agriculture product at affordable prices. Smallholders can browse our extensive selection of agriculture product, purchase them online and collect them at their nearest local store.

How We Help

E-AGRO is driven by a simple mission: to help Malaysian agriculture smallholders gain better yields through premium quality products and improved plantation practices. In parallel with our mission above, we have conducted extensive research with the support of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and University Agriculture Park, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) on the effects of quality fertilisers on the production yields of agriculture sector, which resulted in the joint development of a number of high-performing fertilisers.

Our Purpose

E-AGRO is here to help smallholders improve their plantation management so that they can reap more lucrative yields and profits, which will ultimately lead to enhanced quality and value of Malaysian agriculture sector. We do this by conducting specialised R&D and utilising technological advancements to improve smallholders’ access to resources, knowledge and tools to manage their plantations effectively and efficiently.

About eAGRO
About eAGRO


Malaysian agriculture smallholders who are registered E-AGRO members will be eligible to purchase reduced price products through our online-to-offline marketplace. Members will also be able to share product reviews on our platform for transparent information sharing within the community.

Our Values

The E-AGRO culture is derived from an innovative mindset, a community-driven approach and an entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in utilising new technologies to deliver the best results, with a focus on helping Malaysian smallholders cultivate thriving plantations, to elevate our country’s reputation as a trusted and valued international agriculture producer.

Our Goals

We are driven towards achieving the following goals:

eAGRO Goals

To provide smallholders with the necessary information, know-how and tools to boost their production yield and profits.

eAGRO Goals

To empower the Malaysian smallholder community in building sustainable livelihoods from their plantations.

eAGRO Goals

To safeguard the future of the Malaysian agriculture industry.